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water is a very important part of living things and non- living things .water covers 3/4 areas of earth so we can say water service 75% of the earth.water is precious things to every human being and wildlife as well who survive on the earth so this is our responsibility to save water and clean water on the earth . It’s been hot, hot, warm lately. Whilst this has supposed long, lazy summertime evenings and days packed with butterflies and dragonflies, our rivers and lakes have taken an actual hit from the high temperatures and weeks without rain. To make subjects worse, within the East of England water intake is extremely excessive. Hertfordshire citizens use one of the highest amounts of water according to man or woman compared to different UK counties. Coupled together which means our precious rivers are below excessive pressure. The extra water we use, the much less water there is for our chalk streams and rivers.  This has large outcomes on our nearby natural world from our already threatened water voles, to the brightly colored kingfisher. Fish can be left stranded, main to thousands of deaths, and vital riverside plant life that animals rely on for habitat and meals can fast dry out. But there are matters we can do to reduce our impact on the nearby natural world by means of saving water. Affinity Water is running in partnership with Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust to conserve and beautify their websites for wildlife and in order that they’re valued, used and loved by way of their respective nearby groups. Read Affinity’s top water-saving pointers underneath: At home. You can keep 6,500 liters of water a yr via turning off your faucet whilst you brush your tooth! A power shower can dissipate to 17 liters of water a minute! Get an unfastened eco shower head and bathe timer from Affinity Water and shop over 7,000 and 1,800 liters 12 months respectively. Make sure you simplest put on your washing device and dishwasher as soon as they’re fully loaded – this uses much less water than two half masses. If you have got a dual flush restroom, use the half of flush button each time viable! You can also get free Save-a-flush bags from Affinity Water to pop into your toilet cistern which saves over five,000 liters 12 months!

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